Everybody loves gifts, they are the irreplaceable elements in all kinds of culture, festivals. Gifts always make someone feel special. However, we have all been there, the awkward situation of not knowing what gifts to deliver, we tend to ask ourselves these questions “What should I buy?” “Will they like it?” and the most important “Do they need it?”.

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In the ambition to make the gift-giving customs even merrier, GreatGiftGiver allows us to offer gifts that are truly wanted by our acquaintances/friends. Users can conduct a list of gifts they desire and share it with their acquaintances/friends, with the wide categories ranging from cosmetics, to books to more expensive items such as vehicles. GreatGiftGiver can be significantly beneficial for receivers as well as givers.
Moreover, givers can view the wish list, set their budget, purchase and have the gifts delivered to a fixed destination, at a fixed time if they want to keep the element of surprise.



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3 month

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Great Gift Giver

Following a collaboration for the development and graphic design of the Great Gift Giver, we have created a quality design that meets the needs of our client.
At Digital unicorn, our team of designers is constantly on the lookout for new designs, we use the most efficient tools to bring you a unique design.

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