We develop a brand new world of digital.

Digital Unicorn is a digital studio specializing in the design, and development of high-performance, innovative and bespoke digital projects.

We are a team of developers, designers and project managers, passionate about our business and proud of the mobile applications that we developed for our clients.

Whether you are a large company or an innovative Startup, whatever your project is, we are here to build that project you have in mind.

Technological Solution

At the forefront of the latest trends and technological advances, we think and develop the best solutions for each of your needs: connected objects, micro-geolocation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.

We favour the latest, most robust and high-performance technologies such as React Native, Node.js, Redux or Fire Base for the development of your projects.

We like to be totally involved in projects by proposing the creation and development of the UX (User experience), then the UI (User Interface), the Design to ensure that the technical and commercial product design really meets the needs of the target audience.

We are convinced that close collaboration from the very beginning of an idea is the guarantee of rapid and efficient development, in order to ensure the future success of your project. We make it our priority.

This first step includes defining the key functionalities of your project and the associated technical specifications.

UX and UI Design Solution

Our designers work with you to create a graphical user interface (GUI) and user experience (UX) that is creative, design and meets the functional constraints of your project.

We invite you to read the article we wrote on the definition of UX Design and its difference with UI Design.

The design and development phases are very important.
In order to stand out, the design and user experience will allow us to offer you a real VP (Value Proposition) for your project.

This will determine the users’ first impressions, which affects 80% of users whether keep using it or uninstall in the first 1 minute using it. Therefore, it’s important to focus on this part.