According to Lvivity, in 2019, there are 204 billion times people download apps from both Google Play Store and App Store. That is only one in millions of statistics proving that the mobile app market has become bigger and bigger. In fact, the number of mobile app publishers in Australia on Google Play is less than 1%, which means there are tons of opportunities to enter and succeed in that huge and potential market. Are you planning to be a part of this business? Do you still hesitate because of the effort and budget concerns? Check out 5 factors affecting the cost of mobile app development in Australia in this article.

mobile app development cost in australia

How much does mobile app development cost in Australia?

To estimate the cost of developing an app, we have to consider several factors. This article will focus on 4 main factors which are listed below:

  • The mobile app platform
  • Key features
  • Third-party integration
  • External or internal development

1. Which Platform You Will Build Your Mobile App on

Creating an Android app or an iOS app is always the very first thing worth putting into consideration. In Australia, iOS is more popular and used by most people. However, to code an iOS app, developers have to use Apple’s trademark programming language called Swift, which might increase the complexity, as well as time and effort spent on developing in comparison with Java – the coding language of Android.

On the other hand, Android is an open-source platform that developers can customize their needs but this platform usage is not as much as iOS.

The best choice is to create a cross-platform application, which gives you huge opportunities to develop in this fast-growing market.

2. How Many Key Features and How Complex Your App Is

The more complex the features are, the higher the development cost is. There are countless features that you want to implement to their app, which directly influences the budget spending on developing it. Below is a closer look on the list of typical features from basic to complex:

  • New account creating and log in: it can be simple as creating a username and a password. The more complicated version is to log in via Facebook or Google account.
  • Search settings: Provide users with a wide range of information, can be the products they want to buy, galleries, videos, gaming instruction, or other user’s profile, etc.
  • Chat settings: The basic once will be the internal conversation when playing the game, or it can be integrated with Messenger or Gmail.
  • Push notifications
  • Map interface, etc.

user interface - australia mobile app development cost

The basic design and feature apps might cost around $20,00 – $50,000. The cost might be five times or even ten times higher for developing complicated ones. The good way to optimize your app and your budget are to list out the features you want to have in your app, prioritize them from the must-have to the nice-to-have. By doing that, you can decide which ones will be in the first version and which ones will be in the upcoming releasing version to keep the engagement of users.

3. Does Your App Require to Integrate with Other Systems?

There might be a big difference between the app with and without third-party integration. Firstly, third-party integration might be your internal business system or an open-source API, which also affects the cost. Secondly, apps using integrations such as Google Maps or payment methods need to be integrated and tested, leading to a higher time spent and budget.

To ensure you spend an efficient time and budget, consider if your app really needs an integration. If not, you might save the idea for later and concentrate on the main features first.

4. Hire a Mobile App Agency or Use Your In-house Team

Last but not least, having your app developed by a mobile app agency or by your own team is also a crucial point making the cost to be higher or lower.

Developing your mobile app with your in-house team can be a perk as your team will know how the ideal app looks like and the features that the app should have. If you tend to develop a simple mobile app, another good point might be the lower budget spending.

However, when your ideal app is more than just an application with simple login or basic chatting features, that’s the moment you need a professional mobile app agency as a partner. There are more and more mobile app companies with a team of experts in mobile app design and developing in Australia, so looking for a good mobile app company in Adelaide, Melbourne, or Perth is no longer a headache. Working with a skillful outsourcing mobile app agency, you will experience a higher level of customer service, gain good ideas for developing the app, and receive the app within a shorter timeframe with an efficient budget.

In short

Above are only the 4 main points that are worth putting into consideration when you want to calculate the cost spending on developing a mobile app in Australia. We will continue this series with other 4 important factors in the upcoming article.

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